Georg Huhs, ehemaliger Schüler unserer AUT-Abteilung, inzwischen selbst international tätiger Wissenschafter, besucht unsere Schule. Mit Spannung folgen die Schüler seinem Referat über moderne Materialforschung  mittels Hochleistungsrechnern. Eine rege Diskussion über viele Fragen rund um das Leben eines Forschers runden die gelungene Veranstaltung  ab.

On Oct. 31st NOMAD senior ambassador and BSC researcher Georg Huhs gave several talks in HTBLA Kaindorf, a technical high school with focus on engineering, automation technology, informatics, and mechatronics. Using the search for new materials for turbine coatings - one of the NOMAD industry use-cases - as an example, these talks demonstrated the relation between engineering, physics, and high performance computing, all culminating in a materials science big data challenge. In the following discussions the students showed particular interest in multidisciplinary education, working abroad, and the life as a scientist. This activity raised even further interest in future collaborations, e.g. in the context of "diploma thesis" projects and talent support.

Dank an Prof. DI Gerald Schnur für die Organisation der Veranstaltung.