Twelve students from HTBLA Kaindorf went on May 30th to the Siemens City in Vienna to take part in the Schoolgames Bundesfinale, which is the biggest event of this type in Europe. Six students of the 3AHIF joined the MINT (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft, Technik) master senior competition and six people of the 1CHIF competed at the Business master junior category.


Our trip started at quarter past 7 am in Graz. We went by bus to Siemens where we got a big breakfast. After this each of us played in a team of six people, but each team member was from a different school. Every team had one hour and a half to play the game, which slightly resembles monopoly but every time you want to buy a company, you have to answer a question which deals with the topic economy or is MINT-related and, additionally, during the game you constantly receive some new instructions, such as “the richest player has to give away a company to the poorest player”. Every group had their own referee and a special currency to prevent cheating.


While we were playing our teachers had a chance to visit the “Lehrlingsausbildungsstätte” of Siemens, where they got some insights into the vocational training of the apprentices. Siemens, for example, uses VR-glasses (Virtual Reality) for practising welding. They also showed the audience some of the newest trends of smart factory (Industrie 4.0) and home automation.


After the play was finished the participants got a delicious lunch and some refreshments. Now it was time to pronounce the winners. Our school teams did a good job. The junior group achieved rank 11 and the senior group claimed the 6th place. Matthias Tomazzoni (3AHIF) was ranked 5th in the single category.


We want to thank Siemens, Schoolgames and all sponsors which enabled us to take part in this event. Furthermore we want to thank our teachers for their support and especially DI Dietmar Paulus who organized the trip to Vienna. Hopefully we’ll be able to take part again next year!




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