A multistage rocket should be constructed, based on the improvement of the russian heavy-lift rocket ANGARA A7V. The multistage rocket should be able to get a crew, consisting of five men, to the Mars and back to earth. The landing module should carry four astronauts to the surface of Mars, while the main rocket will serve as a relay radio station in an inclined orbit. The commander would stay in the orbit.
First impressions on how the landing module will look like, a known artists delivered for the first media conference of ESA, where the DISCOVERY was introduced:

... The most important decision for the flight to Mars was the abdication of the previous travel route, which allowed the journey only on certain times. The new low-energy-transfer allows takeoffs from Earth to Mars regardless of the constellation of the planets, so astronauts don’t have to wait a whole year on Mars, to get back. Nevertheless, the flight from Earth to Mars lasts 180 days.