The Landing

„All Systems are… Go!“
The landing module lowered with its retro rocket to the predetermined target area, a just recently molten valley, near the south pole.
It was summer at the moment, which was the reason for the melting of the polar ice cap. The scientists of ESA chose this spot, which was free from ice and would be for the next two months.
The outer cameras showed the picture of a red plain, covered with debris. On the edge of this plain were hummocks. Huge amounts of carbon dioxide ice evaporated in fast blowing fountains and left behind fragments of grey ice with cappucino coloured swirls.


„five - four - “
The lander lowered on its engines and landed exactly on „Zero“.
A slight trembling went through the module. At the same moment, the automatic turned on the microphones. Despite the thin atmosphere, you could hear the quiet hiss of the evaporating carbon dioxide, mixed with rare, dull percussions, coming from crashing ice.
It was the 1st of November 2043, the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the European Union.