On April 24th the 8AHIF together with our teachers, Mrs. Sengl and Mr. Kohlweg, went on a great language trip to London. During our stay all of us were accommodated by host families in Wimbledon, who gave us great insights into the great city and made our stay so much more interesting.

Besides lessons in a language school, we had a great time seeing all kinds of famous sights and fascinating places. Among the most exciting things we visited were the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (which is being renovated at the moment), Harrods, Hyde Park and Speaker’s Corner and so much more!

For most of us, London and especially the Londoners themselves made the greatest impression on us. Their polite and warm attitude towards even us fresh tourists was astounding, and the multicultural and vibrant London culture hooked all of us.

Despite our culture shock regarding the number of CCTV cameras and multitude of informational signs for all possible occurrences that we would have considered common sense, we had a great week and a most wonderful language trip!

On May 13th the 3DHIF went to the „offenes Labor” at the University of Graz in order to learn more about GMOs. GMOs are genetically modified organisms and highly discussed when it comes to agricultural economics, just think about genetically modified corn or soybeans.

offenes Labor

During the theoretical introduction our students answered complex questions about DNA and protein chemistry. Afterwards they put their knowledge into practice and conducted an experiment to find out whether the sample of food they were given had been genetically modified or not. Guided through the experiment by two experts the students soon got their first results which they then analyzed. Overall, the students learned a lot and actively participated throughout the entire workshop which makes a teacher’s heart swell with pride. (CL, HU)

Auch dieses Jahr hieß es wieder für die Schüler aller Klassen, das Schulgebäude aufgrund der Mathematik-Matura zu räumen.



Wie in den vergangenen Jahren konnten wir auch heuer wieder eine Gruppe von 16 amerikanischen Teenagern aus Virginia (USA) sowie ihre beiden Deutschlehrer Teresa Breitenthaler und Harold Boland vom 11. April 2019 bis 20. April 2019 bei uns willkommen heißen.


Am 12.4.2019 besuchten zwei unserer vierten Klassen (7/8AHIF und 7/8BHIF) mit den Professoren Mag. Elisabeth Locker und Dipl.Ing. Florian Schreiber Graz, um über die Zeit des Anschlusses 1938 sowie den nationalsozialistischen Terror in Graz Genaueres zu erfahren.



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