Our language weeks in the USA were very adventurous and a unique experience for everyone. The highlights for most of us were our host families.

All host families welcomed their guests warmheartedly and made sure that their stay was as comfortable and mesmerizing as possible. During the time with them we got to see typical American lifestyles. The many field trips gave us the opportunity to see different aspects of the states ranging from the urban areas to the very rural ones. We especially enjoyed the typical touristy sightseeing in Washington DC and New York City.


Apart from the many great experiences we all had on our trip, there were also some less enjoyable memories. One of them was our bus driver who was usually late, did not answer his phone or waited at a different destination than arranged. The tap water was another issue as it contained high amounts of chloride and we were forced to drink bottled water. The third item of criticism was the hotel in NYC – but luckily, we were able to switch to a better one after our first night.

Kerstin Klaminger & Matthias Fina


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